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ETU Troubleshooting Manual

ved KeSini Jul 10, 2024

ETU Troubleshooting Manual

The most common mistakes: 

1.Wiring issues 

User's fault:  No response to power up

Analyze the cause: the gearbox motor or battery connection is not normal


2.Trigger does not respond when energized

User's fault:There was only one long beep followed by three short beeps on the power up, and no response to pulling the trigger. A long beep followed by three short beeps is the fire control into the fast mode tone, the conductive sheet stays in the single shot position and press the trigger to power up the tone, if there is no trigger, that the trigger switch has been held down, the fire control has been that the trigger has not been released!

Solution: The trigger switch is in the hold state usually because the trigger switch is pressed by the wiring or there is a foreign object jammed to affect the normal pop-up of the switch, please dismantle the gearbox to investigate.


 3.ESC driver board has been damaged

User Fault: Does not work, just buzzing

Result: ESC driver board has been damaged, the use of other brands of fire control caused by the failure can not be warranty


4.Circuit board short circuit

User's fault: After installation of V3 2.0, the mosfet was found through the app and bluetooth and the link was used to check that all sensors were working properly. But after that the board stopped working in order to check the actual ignition. I checked and found that the component was burnt out.
Now the MOSFET doesn't work and it doesn't show up on the app. I guess the faulty component is used to receive power from the battery. The battery used is a NiMh 8.4v which has been used before on a T238 mosfet without problems.

Check results:The upper and lower board pin sockets are desoldered, or the back of the board is not properly insulated.

5.Only single shots, not bursts.

User's fault:Only single shots, not bursts.
ResultThere is a 'beep' beep between the single continuous switch, if not, it means that the position of the fire-control fast and slow machine switch in the continuous position is not detected in the conductive sheet, which means that the width of the conductive sheet is not wide enough to trigger the fast and slow machine switch
Solution: Please ensure that the conductive sheet and the fast and slow machine with normal activities, the conductive sheet can slide left and right, and then appropriate widening of the conductive sheet to ensure that the conductive sheet is in the position of the continuous hair can be pressed fast and slow machine fast shutdown