How to install digital trigger unit V1.7 light sensor version for V2 gearbox?

Installation steps

Find these two sponge pads in the parts bag before starting the machine, and tear off the yellow adhesive at the back.


Paste it on the top of the pins.

Press the pad down and let the pins go through it.


Do another pad the same way.


If you have a thickening layer on the other side of the gearbox,you need to cut it down.


Use the top plate to measure the position to be polished,and the convex structure position in the green circle needs to be completely removed.


Disassenble the gearbox and leave the cut-off lever to measure the semi-auto position.


Make the cut-off lever in the horizon position,side the selector plate to the left against the lever,which is the semi-auto position.

Selector sensor should be here(Blue Arrow).The detective range of the sensor is 0.5-1mm.


The right side of the green line needs to be pasted with a white sticker,and the left side needs to be kept in black.



Stick on the attached white sticker and black the left side of the green line.

The plane of the white paper should be within the range of 0.5-1mm of the sensor.(Arrow Pointing)

If your selector sensor cannot detect the white paper,you need to change the thickness of the white paper.


Start to install the circuit board,first put the bottom board into the gearbox,align with the screw hole,if not,please make the corresponding compatibility modification.


Find the soft pad,put it in the position below.


Make sure the circuit board does not tilt,tighten the screw. 


Lay out the wires,do not block the sensors.


Put other parts back to their original positions to ensure that the trigger has enough rotation angle,otherwise the parts in the green circle need to be modified.


Make sure that the circuit board does not affect the rotation of trigger,otherwise the parts in the green circle need to be modified.

Notice(As shown):
The gap of this kind of trigger is too large,which needs to be covered with black tape.


After alignment,insert the DTU top board gently,without pressing to the bottom.


Take care not to squeeze the two rubber pads out of shape.


Close the gearbox and tighten all screws.




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