V2-1.42 Instruction Manual

by Mia on Apr 11, 2024

V2-1.42 Instruction Manual

T238 Digital TriggerUnitV1.42

(With overheat protection &auto-loading)


      This upgrade kit is designed for professional AIRSOFT/gelball blaster player who can fully disassembleandassembleAutomatic Electric Gun. The compatibility withall Gearboxesisnot guaranteed, but it can fit into standardor commonbrandGearboxes V2 without larger modification. RelatedToolsandskills is needed for installing the product.


  1. Protect the detection switch while installing, donotpullthetrigger before  finishing installation in casethat thetriggerbreaks the detection switch.
  2. Mind the positive and negative of the motor, donot reverse.
  3. Gearbox, motor and grip is not functional beforefinishinginstallation. Please  finish the installationat first.


      T238 digital trigger unit is a programmableMOSFETwhich is specially designed for AIRSOFTandgel ball versionGearbox V2. With high speed processor and2highpowerMOSFET chips, this systemhas manyindividualizedprogrammable functions, such as pistonpositioning,binarytrigger, multiple-shot and so on. Besides, it alsohasthefunctions of battery low-voltage protectionandgearboxblock-up protection. It can effectively improvethestability,shooting speed and response speed of gearbox, at thesametime, it can completely eliminate the problemof gearboxsingle-shot become multiple-shot. Themoduleusesamaximum of 14.8V batteries. Solderingandwiringarerequired.

Main parameters:

  • Size: 45*30*14mm

  • Operating voltage: 7.4-14.8V
  • Active break tech & Piston reset
  • Programmable auto-loading function
  • Multiple programmable shooting mode
  • Overheat protection
  • Maximum Inrush current is 240A, MaximumBrakecurrentis100A
  • Compatible with various Standard GearboxV2


  1. Low battery voltage protection, thedefault settingis7.4V battery. Change the battery whenhearing‘beepbeep beep beep’ 4 times lowvoltagewarningsound.
  2. Block-up protection. When gearboxBlock-upoccurs,the system stops working and emitsanelongated‘beep’ sound. Please check the waveboximmediatelyby power off
  3. Auto-loading function is designedfor gel ball blastermagazines with motor inside, whenchangingthemagazine, the magazine motor will runautomaticallyfor a period of time, and the lengthof timecanbeprogrammed by 9th option.
  4. This module is able to increase rateof fire, thestabilityof single-shot and make batterieshavehigherdurability
  5. The energy that support the activebrakefunctioncomes from the inertia of motor, stopthepiston without delay. The effect of activebrakeissignificanton high torque motor
  6. The active function prevents the over-spinof gears,thissolve the issue that the single shot becomesmultipleshot under high voltage. Meanwhile, thespringisfullyreleased in semi-auto mode and partsingearboxarenot under strain, increase the life cycleof gearboxandparts.
  7. The system includes multiple shootingmode,thesemodes can be selected by fire select switch
  8. The default position of the pistonisadjustableinsemi-auto mode. Pre-cocking functioncanbeimplementing, zero trigger delay
  9. Adjustable rate of fire, the gap betweentwosingleshots can be programmable, toachieveadjustablerate of fire
  10. When the DTU is overheated, after thetriggerispulled, the motor will give a beepprompt untilitisautomatically restarted after cooling.


SAFE:This mode is completely the same as original safemode.The trigger is    stopped by Safety lever

SEMI: This mode can be programmedtoimplementingsemi-auto, double stroke      single shot, 3-roundburstto6-round burst, the default mode is semi auto

AUTO: This mode can be programmedtoimplementingfull-auto, 3-round burst, 6-  roundburst and9-roundburst, the default mode is Full-auto


  1. Silver plate wire is needed for this system, powerwireformotor and battery should be larger than0.5sqmsilverplatewire, wire for electronic powered magazineshouldbearound 0.25sqm.

  2. High-power soldering iron (higher than50W)isrecommended, solder the clop with 0.5sqmsolderingwire and soldering rosin. Please ask professional for helpifyoudo not know to solder
  3. Install the module and push the wires inthegearbox(somegearbox needs to be cut off stiffener or drilledhole)
  4. Assemble the gearbox
  5. For more details, scan the QR code

Quick Test:

      After soldering, connect the motor. Makesurethewiresareconnected correctly, then press the trigger button‘S2’andconnect the battery to it. After the battery is connected,releasethe trigger button ‘S2’, the the module will runintoQuickTestmode. Press each button one by one, you will get two‘beep’s,ifnot, your module is not right, contact thecustomerserviceimmediately.


  1. Disconnect the battery, then set the fireselectorswitchtoauto.
  2. Connect the battery and pull the trigger in3seconds,Afterhearing 2 long ‘beep~’ , the modulerunsintoprogrammable mode, otherwise it will beinautomode.
  3. In the programmable mode, the motor emitsshort‘beep’,the numbers of ‘beep’ means the serial numberoftheoption. If you want to choose the option, pull andholdthetrigger in 2 seconds after ‘beep’s till along‘beep’,themodule will be set to matched option. (Theoptionsandmatched function/parameter are in thetablebelow).
  4. After setting to the selected option, themotor emitsshort‘beep’s, the number of ‘beep’s meansthedifferentfunction/parameter of this option. If youwant toprogramtoset it to certain option or parameter, pull andholdthetrigger in 2 second after ‘beep’ till 2 long‘beep’, thenthemodule is in programmable mode again.