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T238 DTU V2-1.7 Light Sensor Version

przez T238 na Apr 27, 2022

T238 DTU V2-1.7 Light Sensor Version
  • Low battery voltage protection:the default setting is 7.4V battery.Change the battery when hearing‘beep,beep,beep,beep’4 times low voltage warning sound.
  • Fast speed of respond.This module is powered by small current,the current flow through the MOSFET directly to the motor,provide higher current to increase the rate of fire and speed of respond.
  • Auto-loading function is designed for mags with motor insert,when changing the mag,the mag motor will run automatically for a period of time and it can be programmed by 9th option.
  • Block-up protection.When the gearbox is block-up,the system stops working and emits an elongated’beep’sound.Please check the gearbox immediately by power off.
  • Multiple shooting modes.The system includes multiple shooting modes,those modes can be selected by fire select switch.
  • PRE-COCKING.The default postition of the piston is adjustable is semi-auto model.Per-cocking function can be implementing,zero trigger delay.
  • Active brake.the energy thay support the active brake function comes from the inertia of motor, stop the piston without delay.The effect of active brake is significant on high torque motor.
  • Gearbox protection.the active brake prevents the over-spin of gears,this solve the issue that single shot changes to multiple shot under high voltage.meanwhile,the spring is fully released in semi-auto model and parts in the gearbox are not under strain,increase the life cycle of your gearbox
  • Rate of fire adjustable.The gap between two single shots can be progtammable.
  • DTU overheat protection.When the DTU is overheated,after the trigger is pulled,the motor will give a beep prompt until it is automatically restarted after cooling.