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T238 Tactical Prop Flashbang

T238 Tactical Prop Flashbang

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T238 Paintball Tactical Props Flash Grenade with 11.1v Battery Stun Grenade for Nerf Airsoft Gel-ball Shooting Toy Accessorie.


  • Materials : ABS+PC,durable, resistant to impact and resistant to impact
  • Product Size: 6.3 x 6.3 x 12.5cm
  • Easy to Find:when the game is finished, the position of the lost flash can be judged according to the brightness and sound of the flash band, so as to ensure the experience of the next game.
  • The product has an exposure flash + high-intensity long-sounding function, stunning effect, brightness explosion; especially suitable for use in nerf game, wargame, indoor field, night field, gelball game, airsoft game.

Package Content:

  • Tactical Prop    X1
  • USB charging cable    X1
  • Product includes 11.1V battery


Powered by a 11.1v lithium battery, you must use the 11.1V Battery and a lithium battery with a minimum discharge rate of 5c Or the Product will only sound and no light.