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How to choose your first tracer unit?

около T238 на Aug 25, 2023

How to choose your first tracer unit?

Are you thinking about getting a tracer unit for your airsoft guns?
Have no idea how to choose?
Hope this article can help you

T238 has 8 tracer units for you to choose

It is our most basic version, affordable enough for a first try.It is the first choice of friends.

Interface: 14CCW and 19mm to 16mm adapter
Battery:500mAh. Maximum battery life 40.000 rounds
Weight: 130g

It can be connected to your airsoft not need an adapter, which means it is more firmly connected to your transmitter. The shape is more special.

Interface: 14 CCW
Weight: 65g

RGB+  It has more interfaces and larger battery capacity

Interface: 19mm (with 14 CCW adapter and 19mm to 16mm adapter)
Weight: 150g

It is small in size and light in weight.SQB players is best choice

Interface: 14 CCW


LITE R&G:Support  red and  green  BBS

It is more suitable for South Korea, Portugal and other players who have stricter laws and need to mark replicas

Interface: 19mm (with 14 CCW adapter and 19mm to 16mm adapter)

NO.6  Burst
The unit can be mounted using the variable barrel clamp mount built into the unit itself and fits outer barrels between 19mm and 24mm outer diameter, meaning it can be mounted on almost every Airsoft shotgun on the market (tri or single shot) and can also be added to Airsoft sniper rifles with unthreaded barrels as long as the outer diameter of the barrel at the tip is between 19 and 24mm. To mount the unit you will need to loosen the two Allen bolts at the top rear of the unit, slide it onto the barrel and then tighten the bolts down again.

Interface: 19-24mm, with 24mm to 14 CCW and 24mm to 16mm adapters
Battery: 1000mah


Hope help you choose your favorite Tracer!!!