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T238 RAISER programmable MOSFET

T238 RAISER programmable MOSFET

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The T238 RAISER is a programmable MOSFET electronic active brake module designed specifically for gel ball/AIRSOFT/foam dart. If your gearbox has a semi-auto mechanism but cannot fire stably, you can use the RAISER electronic active brake function to improve single shot stability. At the same time,through the programmed brake delay function, the piston can be stopped in the rear position for pre compression spring, simulating the pre-cocking of firearms, reducing the response time from pulling the trigger to releasing the piston.
The RAISER can program electronic brake strength and electronic brake delay. In addition, it also has battery low voltage protection, chip overheating protection, short circuit protection, and overcurrent protection functions, which can effectively improve the durability and stability of the gearbox. At the same time, the automatic sleep function can prevent battery over discharge. This module can use up to 14.8V batteries. Self soldering and wiring are required.
  • Size (including deans T plug connector)53x17x7mm
  • Operating voltage 6.0-16.8V
  • Automatically identify the battery cells
  • Automatic sleep to prevent battery over discharge
  • Motor line positive and negative pole short circuit protection
  • Equipped with MOSFET chip overheating protection function
  • Programmable brake strength and brake delay time
  • Motor connection status monitoring
  • Equipped with active braking technology
  • Supports up to 800A starting current and 85A braking current

Power on:
Connect the motor and switch. When connecting the battery for the first time, press the switch connected to the trigger switch socket to activate the system for power on. If the system initialization is successful, the motor will emit a"beep beep beep" prompt.
Firing: Press the switch connected to the trigger switch plug, the system will power on the motor.After releasing the switch, the system will immediately power off the motor and brake it.
Semi-auto: This function needs to be completed in conjunction with the semi-auto mechanism of the gearbox itself. When the switch connecting the trigger switch socket is pressed, the system will power on the motor. After the motor rotates one circle, the semi-auto mechanism will be triggered to release the switch. When the system detects that
the switch is released, the motor will be powered off and the active brake will be applied.

1. When powered on, press and hold the programming switch for 3 seconds. After hearing a long "beep" sound, release the programming switch and the module enters programming mode
2. After entering programming mode, the red LED will light up and the motor will continue to emit a brief "beep" sound. The number of "beeps"indicates the number of options. To enter the option, please hold down the programming switch within 2 seconds after the "beep" sound ends, until you hear a long "beep" sound. The module will enter the corresponding option (see the attached table for the corresponding functions and parameters of the option)
3. After entering the corresponding option, the green light will light up, and the motor will continue to emit a brief "beep" sound. The number of "beeps"indicates the function or parameter of the option. If you want to program the corresponding function or parameter, please press and hold the programming switch for 2 seconds after the "beep" sound ends
until you hear two long "beeps". The module programming is completed and automatically saves and exits the programming mode (see the attached table for the corresponding functions and parameters of the option)


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