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T238 Tracer Unit Chronograph Daybreak

T238 Tracer Unit Chronograph Daybreak

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The T238 Daybreak is a tracer unit that integrates chronograph, colorful gunfire simulator, and tracer projectile charger. lt can be installed at the barrel of toy launchers such as AlRSOFT/Gel Ball/Foam Dart, used to measure the firing rate and velocity of projectiles, and can record up to 99 historical data, calculate the maximum,minimum, and average velocity. lt can also customize the diameter and weight of projectiles, used to calculate the kinetic energy and specific kinetic energy of a projectile;In addition, personalized settings can be made for the simulated fire color and effect through the button panel on the tracer unit, such as rainbow mode and dynamic fire mode; The tracer projectile charging function needs to be used in conjunction with dedicated tracer projectiles,which can light up the tracer projectiles passing through the inside of the tracer unit, allowing the tracer projectiles to display their flight trajectory in the dark.


Main features:

Outer dimensions 150*28*35mm, inner diameter 14mm Weight: 200g
Interface: 19mm (with 14mm CCW adapter and 16mm adapter)

Measure the projectile' s firing rate and velocity; Calculate the maximum, minimum, and average values of the initial velocity; Colorful gunfire simulation, tracer projectile charging (requires dedicated tracer projectiles)rainbow gunfire effect simulation, automatic shutdown after 20 minutes, low battery automatic shutdown

Supported firing rate: Tracer projectile charging supports up to 50RPS; The chronograph function supports a maximum of 80RPS
Supporting projectile types:
spherical and cylindrical bar shaped projectiles with an outer diameter of 6-13
1500mAh, maximum range of 30000 rounds,charged using TYPE-C interface

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