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T238 LITE+ Tactical RGB+Spitfire Tracer

T238 LITE+ Tactical RGB+Spitfire Tracer

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T238 LITE+ 14mm CCW Tactical RGB+ Tracer Unit Tactical Bifrost Pistol Tracer For Airsoft/Gel ball Blaster Wargame Shooting Toy Accessories


T238 LITE+ tracer unit  ,it is designed for small Airsoft/Gel ball blasters, it attachments to your blaster which allow your BB/Gel ball to glow in the dark. To see the flight path of your shot, special tracer BBs/Gel balls are needed. When using RGB+ version, you can still see a rainbow of gunfire effect without the help of special bullets.


Dimensions: 66mm long, 32mm outer diameter and 11mm inner diameter

Interface: 14 CCW

Functions: Rainbow tracer mode, dynamic gunfire color, tracer BBs/Gel balls charging, adjustable gunfire color, 20 minute timeout automatic shutdown, low battery automatic shutdown

Supported rate of fire: max.50rps

Supported projectile types: spherical projectile with 6-11 outer diameter

Battery: 300mah, maximum endurance 15000 rounds, charging with Micro USB cable

Package Content:

  • Mini RGB+ tracer                     X1
  • Micro USB charging cable     X1

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