T238 Brushless Motor

✨Brushless, low heat at high output
✨Long service life, battery temperature
✨Emergency stop after power failure, no buffer, stable output
✨Overheat protection, low voltage protection, locked rotor protection
✨Stepless speed regulation (range 50-100%) can be adjusted through the potentiometer of the small hole in the tail cover.

Compatibility :
Long Axis fits for M4/M16/MP5/G3/P90 series and other long type motor Airsoft AEG

T238 FCU for Single Valve and Double Valves HPA Engine Bluetooth Version

Tracer Unit RGB Version for Nerf Darts/Gel Ball Blaster /Airsoft

When using RGB version, you can still see a rainbow of gunfire effect without the help of special bullets.

T238 Scar Bearing Tracer of darts iphone
T238 High Precision Bearing Scar Tracer for Nerf Darts(1)
Tracer Foam Refill Darts Green Glowing Bullets for Nerf Series
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T238 Hot Selling DTU Features

T238 Hot Selling DTU FeaturesT238 Hot Selling DTU Features iphone
T238 Airsoft ETU V2.0 Bluetooth Version For V2 Gearbox
T238 DTU V2.0 Bluetooth Version For V2 Gearbox
Sale price87.47
V2 Gearbox for Airsoft T238 Programmable MOSFET V1.7 Light Sensor Version
For Airsoft T238 Programmable MOSFET Version V1.42
T238 DTU V1.42 for V2 gearbox
Sale price35.99

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T238 Tracer Unit RGB Version Manual

T238 Tracer Unit RGB Version Manual

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How to install dtu 2.0 Version for V3 gearbox

How to install dtu 2.0 Version for V3 gearbox

Step1:Use alcohol pad to clean sector gear.
Step2:Attach the sticker for gear on the bottom surface of sector gear (One of them is for 9:1 gear set,The rest 3 stickers are for ......

How to install dtu 2.0 Bluetooth Version for V2 gearbox

How to install dtu 2.0 Bluetooth Version for V2 gearbox

Step1:Shim the gears before installation! Very important. Make sure the sector gear does not reach the gear sensors, otherwise the gear sensors will be ......

T238 V1.9 version for V3 gearbox manual

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Brand & Cooperation

t238 Brand&Cooperation SpeedQB
t238 Brand&Cooperation SPEEDDART
t238 Brand&Cooperation KINGPIN GERR
t238 Brand&Cooperation Black Army
t238 Brand&Cooperation S.S.K
t238 Brand&Cooperation SRT
t238 Brand&Cooperation
t238 Brand&Cooperation
t238 Brand&Cooperation tRue
t238 Brand&Cooperation
t238 Brand&Cooperation


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